Sunday, March 22, 2009

A lil about Vayden

This will be a fun post that you will have to keep an eye on. I've known about Vayden since I was only 3 wks along. Even before all the drama of LUTO due to PUV, this lil one has been something to talk about. I will give you some basics about Vayden thus far and continue to add as I cherish this time with him and take note to some funny and not so funny things about him. I hope this brings a lil light to this blog as I know I've brought many of you to tears with some of the previous post.

Vayden has always and will always hate Jalapenos, however I love them, in fact that is how I figured out that I just might be pregnant. (aside from the ridiculous fight with his father, lol) I had a nacho thing for weeks, before I found out. I wanted nachos all the time I snuck and ate them for breakfast. lol. Vayden however made it very clear to me that he hated them. I spent hrs on the toilet with severe stomach pains. Yet I kept saying "I'm the mama, you will not run me!" and I also kept eating them. To this day his dislike for jalapenos still stands, and I still test him by eating them.

Early in my pregnancy I swore to everyone that Vayden was a girl. However I did not want a girl. But I was sure I was having a girl, because this baby made my hair fall out, my skin break out. I could wave at you and my nail would break off. I grew a 5th wisdom tooth, and I'm almost sure that I started growing hair from my chin, not to mention split ends, smelly gas, an attitude that should have made my husband leave me, and my arm pits smelled. lol. I was sure no boy of mine would do so much damage to me. Must all my kids put me through the ringer?

Vayden loves Starbucks coffee, a white chocolate mocha to be exact. I found that with no swimming pool to flip in coffee gets him going. I normally wouldn't drink coffee during pregnancy but I've been known to kinda spoil my kids, with a decent reason to back up my actions. lol. So every now n then me and Vayden go to Starbucks for our special fix. I just love those baby kicks.

Vayden is so sweet and just like his mom, loves cereal. We (meaning Vayden & I) go through about 3 bxs a week. Yeah, is a matter of fact......I'm going to get a bowl now.........

Vayden loves strawberry ice cream in all forms. Milk shake form, Popsicles, and most of all straight up strawberry ice cream. I've always had a love for any and all ice cream, but with this pregnancy all I want to eat is strawberry flavor.

Vayden likes when I sleep on my back, yet my husband hates it with a passion because I snore so loud. However I've also found that he can deal with me sleeping on my side at times.

Vayden moves most when I'm calm. When I'm reading or just downstairs alone, he's a bouncy baby. Yet when I have to yell at Vashon or chase him down, Vayden hides quietly. I wonder if he's in fear that he's next??? I know many times I say to Vashon " I brought you into this world, I'm not afraid to take you out"

Vayden's sleep is not too bad. I mean yea he's up at night but not all night. I get to feel both in the day and night time.

Vayden has been stubborn since the beginning. Even with the weekly bladder taps that I thought he'd be use to after the 2nd one. Vayden would move out of place or even once tried to grab at the needle. I would say "you better be a star, so I can mention all this on your E! true Hollywood story"

Vayden's name was picked from my close friend Kim, we were the only two that liked the name upon hearing it. Everyone else said he would be teased, being called Darth or Dark Vader (sp) but I don't watch Star Wars, so I have no idea. Is he a good guy or bad guy? either way I've heard he's pretty cool. And so is my son

4/15/2009 - Vayden went on a plane for the first time. The Stewart Family took a nice trip to California and also Las Vegas, NV. I think he was a lil nervous on the plane ride there, he was making me very uncompfortable.

Vayden also got to taste the BEST hamburger I've had in my 25 yrs of life. IN N OUT Burger and boy was it good.

Vayden loved Cali, he moved so much and my belly even grew a bit while we were down there, all that wonderful west coast food will do that to you. Thankfully I only put on 2 lbs in 4 wks. :)

Vayden went to the Beach, The Aquarium, The Lake we fed the ducks, and tour Las Vegas in style.

He also was able to hear the voices of many of my families members who love and have been praying for him.

And I bet you are wondering have I had jalapenos again???? YES, lol I'm still the mama, he wont run me. lol and Yes I was in

Vayden still loves cereal and his big brother got to feel him move. It really freaked Vashon out.

(*Vashon just turned 2 yrs old and well......that's a whole different blog. Blues Clues aka Boos Koos is his favorite show right now, he still parties in his room til 1 am with no diaper on. And no he's not potty trained......yuck. )

* that's all for now about Vayden, I will edit this post often as I find more funny and unique things about my lil boy. I will also continue the usual updates. I did however want to shine some light on this thunderstorm.

Best wishes

Steph & Vayden


  1. I'm glad that you're documenting all of the positives throughout your time with Vayden. Those will be good memories. Enjoy your time with that precious baby boy!


  2. I love this post Stephanie. He has such an awesome personality already ey, that's amazing.

  3. You are such a strong and beautiful person and I absolutely loved to read this. Thank you for sharing the good times you are sharing with Vayden. I promise you, that the love you feel for him now will not fade or be tarnished, no matter what happens.


  4. You are an amazing woman-May God Bless you and keep His face upon you always<3

    Momma from June board babyfit

  5. You are truly inspiring Stephanee, I pray Vayden continues to bless you with his amazing little personality, as I see you cherish every moment. I pray for you and your baby boy often. Hugs, Tealite

  6. I was in your April Mommies Group in 2007. You may remember me as 3rdcharm. I check in from time to time to see how my girls are doing. I read your posts and found this blog. I remember well when you were pregnant with Vashon and I with Cade. The support we all found in each other was amazing. I'll cherish those friendships forever.

    I'm writing you because I read through your blog and it moved me in such a way that I wanted to let you know that by sharing your story and Vayden's that you are a blessing to all mothers. Your words are poetic, beautiful, and inspiring. As mothers we don't always share the same story but we share the same bond with our little ones and the deep undying love for them. Today you have reminded me that as difficult as the daily routine of raising our children may be that we all need to stop and cherish the little moments because like you said we don't have a million years with them. For today we can show them a mother's love for this is the moment we have been given and for that we are blessed.

    Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep sharing your story. It is very beautiful the bond you have with your baby boy and an inspiration to us all.

    God Bless,
    Shelley (aka 3rdcharm)

  7. hi there i saw your post ob baby fit. and there is a organization i would ilike to share with you they are wonderful please contact them soon it is called now i lay me down to sleep. they take pictures for free of your pregancy and shortly after birth of you and your new baby for free!!!!. forme personnaly i regret not having pictures in my hand and just ones in my heart much love from a mom with babies in heaven

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    I happened over from NILMDTS. This is a great post, keep track of all your time with your sweet baby boy! I'll be praying for you.