Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checking in 8 months later

I usually write more often but I've had terrible bloggers block. I post at least once a month on every heavenly month marker and today marks the 8th heavenly month that sweet Vayden has been gone. Still feels like yesterday but I'm already half way to a year and no where near the lifetime of missing my angel. I really don't have much to say, my grief has been pretty consistent which can mean a few things, I just hope a HUGE wave of sadness wont be coming soon. Every month of Vayden's memory date I do little things to honor him. I change my facebook photo to a picture of him, I write a blog post, and subconsciously our family just takes it easy and spends quality time with each other.

I am very excited for his 1st angel versary which may sound strange but I have so much going on that month with My Very Own Angel and I plan to honor the many accomplishments he's made in just one year. I do not expect that day to be sad, I plan to celebrate angel baby style.

*On a side note, in this last month I've caught the fever........ baby fever as I find myself not speeding through TLC's a baby story while flipping the channels. We've never been preventing but we have been family planning so after our cruise in March we will allow God to do what he needs to do and I will be able to shower and shave on those 3 no no days again. Just kidding :)

I also want to thank a dear follower and friend Sarita for sending my boys these so cute teddy bear pieces, with their birthstones and names on them (sorry for the picture quality but they are amazing) Sarita does not blog herself, but she does have an angel and she does follow many angel family blogs. Thank you Sarita

Happy 8th month in Heaven lil guy, you are still greatly missed.