Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Every Photo Misses You

Vayden today you are 21 months old and I am one very busy mommy. Your brothers keep me very busy, but I think about you all the time and actually get to tell your story more now with Varen being here.

Me and your daddy often talk about how crazy our house would be with all 3 of you, it's a thought that makes us shake our heads in fear of how we would survive with three crazy boys. But it is also a bitter sweet thought, you would have been our last, but I cannot imagine my life without all 3 of you, and I wish you were here.

I miss you in all the pictures the boys take together, I miss being able to introduce my boys in order and say "this is Vashon, Vayden, and Varen" I worked really hard on your names and I feel cheated sometimes. I wish it were easier to explain to people that Varen is not my 2nd child even though to outsiders looking in, I have only two children.

I'm still waiting for that glimpse from Heaven to see what you look like now, but you'll forever be my baby Vayden.

Here are some pictures of your brothers, get a look at the face on Varen in the picture above. (Lol) he's a silly boy.

21 months today sweet Vayden and we miss you everyday, thank you for watching over me, daddy, Vashon and Varen. You are an awesome son and brother.