Friday, March 6, 2009

Catch up time

I've been sending out personal emails and blogging on myspace up until now. This is for everyone involved in Vayden's life, who wants to be updated, on him, on myself on our family. Since this is titled through my mothers eyes... I will start from the beginning of this journey with Vayden, even before anything was known to be wrong. Thank you for reading and viewing this situation through my eyes.


It's Aug 2008, We're driving home from Muskogee, we had a weekend visit with my MIL. Van has never been a talker so I jump on the fact that he had no where to go, lol. I say "It's time to have another baby" He pretends as he doesn't hear me. I set out my plan, because Vashon was not planned, at all. In fact Vashon was not known of until I was 8 wks along. We agreed to have two kids, at least with my 2nd I could know what was going on and feel a lil bit in control.

We discussed his job, being that he's in the AF nothing is set in stone, but I can admit that I wanted him there for the birth, so planning a pregnancy was what I thought the best thing to do. He asked for a few days to think about it. I think he knew I was gonna get my baby either way, he just wanted to be in control. MEN! A few days past and my baby fever was spiking to a dangerous level. I wanted a baby bad. I woke up every morning @ 5am to watch baby shows, I was already ready. I got off the BC pill and quit taking my blood pressure meds. I starting taking prenatal and working out. I wanted all my untied shoe strings tied. Went to the dr. made sure nothing was wrong. I picked my midwife before I was even pregnant.

I remember when he said ok, I was on cloud 9. He can never say I tricked him, lol. I also remember sneaking small bags in the house full of Ovulation Prediction Kits and Pregnancy test. I loved peeing on a stick, but knew he would laugh and think i'm crazy. I snuck online while he was gone to look up the best ways to get pregnant. Baby fever temp was beyond dangerously was deadly..........

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