Friday, March 6, 2009

I Just Know I'm Knocked Up

Oct 2008

Things were going great. I had a wonderful job, me and the hubby are getting along, Vashon, well he's always either good or bad, he's a toddler. lol I remember like yesterday, it's the morning of Kristen's baby shower, i'm one of the host. The moon must have been full the night before. Van & I get into this blow up fight over a hot dog I threw away. The thing had hair on it. It really did. I remember storming out the house in tears, when I told the story to my girlfriends at the shower, I said I better be pregnant for this s&i%. Before I found out I was pregnant with Vashon we just about broke up over a fight he started because I was watching TV with the light on. He can start a stupid fight but I can use my sharp tongue to make it a blow up issue. Things we learned to work on :)

I still have baby fever. I take a second job @ a child watch to save up $$ so that we can have a good xmas, remember gas is now $2.79 gal. My 1st day of the 2nd job was horrible. I drove home in angry tears, I didn't stop crying until the next day. I just know i'm pregnant........

It's Oct 16th my hubby is up getting ready for wrk. I get up and go into my bathroom to pee on a stick. Within sec the cool digital pregnancy test says "pregnant" I was in shock. I guess I was happy. or was I????

I hide the test Van goes to work, I call my BFF Jessica, and tell her the news, by this time, I'm looking in the mirror thinking "what have you done?" After all that baby fever when I finally get pregnant i'm scared. The fear turned to excitement while the reality of having two kids under 2 sunk in. I surprised Van with signs all over the bathroom "We're Pregnant"

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