Friday, March 6, 2009

Everything was fine, Until......

Jan 21 -26

As many of you know I'm expecting my second baby. This was a planned pregnancy that didn't take many months of trying. I took pre natals prior to becoming pregnant and made sure I wasn't doing some of the naughty things I did prior to knowing I was pregnant with Vashon. Besides morning sickness and bad skin and minor complaints the pregnancy has been smooth. Today I went in fot the BIG ultrasound. That is when I learned that our baby who is more than likely a baby boy suffers from Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO). Basically in the process of developing a flap of skin covers the penis hole making it unable for urine to come out. That being said, the bladder is very large and the there is not alot of amniotic fluid. Without that fluid a baby in utero's lungs can not grow. Also with a bladder that is full the kidneys are forced to work xtra hard and could fail. Luckily this matter was caught somewhat early. I still had some fluid left and the bladder had not blown up. Within mins my world was turned upside down. I was very lucky to have a wonderful friend by my side who phone my husband and stepped up to take care of Vashon since multiple procedures where going to be done. I had an amnio to drain the baby's bladder and also take a lil fluid to test it. I also had a reverse amnio to put fake fluid inside me. It did not feel good and I was very scared but Van was by my side and the dr. was great. The baby is fine great heart beat and still moving. I should get results back in a few days. If it turns out that they've caught this early enough. Intervention will basically be the amnio and reverse amnio every week until i get to term. If the results are poor then nature will take it's course. The good thing is that they caught it early and once the baby is out it's a small procedure to correct the problem and the baby will go on to live a long healthy life. We are doing fine. A bit numb from the news but strong in our faith that we have come to far to turn around now. This is a very very rare thing. about 1 in every 500 so I have faith that as rare as this has occurred will be as rare as it will clear it's self up. Basically I hear what the dr.'s say but i'm staying strong that i'm a christian woman, who believes in GOD over medicine. I will do everything the dr.'s want me to but I still hold a higher faith that a miracle is in our favor. There is power is prayer and that is what we need right now. So if you all could be our warriors in prayer that would be great. I'll keep you updated with any further info as I get it. Thank you Kim for being so great being there and taking care of Vashon you are wonderful friend

UPDATE - Got the call from the genetic counselor they have a few more test that will take about another wk, but so far the chromo test they have gotten back are all normal no down syndrome or any other chromo matters. So this issue is just developmental. And baby is for sure a BOY - we still have some lakes to cross but already our prayers have been answered and we thank you all, would like you to keep the prayers going

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