Friday, March 6, 2009

Update 2/2 - 2/4

UPDATE - 2/2/09 - Today we went in, after a ten day wait period from when we found out about the LUTO. The babys bladder was once again enlarged, but my fluid was doing ok. My husband the Dr. and I all agreed that it's time to intervene. We will have a shunt placed into the babys bladder on 2/3/09, that will allow his urine to come out into the sac so that his lungs can better mature. Fetal shunts are not a cure, and they can fall out, or the baby can take them out. But right now it's worth a shot at saving his life. We are still holding our faith in GOD that he will get us through this and are staying positive about everything. Please keep us all in your prayers as you have been. thank you

UPDATE-2/4/09 - Yesterday I went in for fetal surgery to place a shunt into the babys bladder. I was told not to eat or drink after midnight, and was supposed to check in at 11am. We followed all the directions. I was released from the hospital 12 hrs later. The surgery did not go as well as we hoped, in fact it didn't take place at all. On Monday the baby was breech a perfect position for the dr. to get to his bladder. 15 min before I was taken to the OR given a spinal and epidural mix, already hooked up to and IV and had been hungry for somewhere around 15 hrs the Dr. did another u/s and the baby was still breech in a great position. I signed all the final forms I needed, kissed my husband and was take to the OR. They got the spinal in, which IMO hurts way more than the epidural, gave me some meds to make me relax, then they place a Cathe in me since I had no control of my lower body. Well draining my bladder made our son move from his perfect position to right under my anterior placenta. The quickly tried to re fill my bladder, tried to push the baby, but he would jump back in place them jump right back out of place. After about 45 min - 1 hr of that, the Dr. said it's too risky to try the surgery. He looked up at me and confirmed what I thought I just heard him say to his U/S tech, and said that he would drain the babys bladder and once again do an amnio infusion. He also told me that we would have to take that route until he feels it's a better time to try the surgery again. My heart was not broken from the news, I still hold a high faith that GOD is hard at work and with the baby being in such a perfect place and then not even 30 min later he moved to an unsafe place, means that maybe it just wasn't time for him to receive the surgery. I was a bit heart broken at what I went through to get something that can be done in a clinic. My legs were numb for over 6 hrs, and the recovery of the spinal is a lil painful, but i'm emotionally worn out, tired and I was so hungry by the time I was able to eat I didn't want to eat. This morning I'm feeling sore in my back from the spinal and just a lil bit not myself. I know I'm strong but how strong am I really? It seems like my attempts to give my son the best start at life keep failing. I took pre natals well before becoming pregnant, this matter was caught early enough for intervention but then the 1st intervention failed. I'm afraid to go into my belly with a needle once a week. I can only keep my faith and believe that GOD is handling this, because I surely am not. On top of it all. I can't be Stephanee, I can't go to work, I can't be the best mother to Vashon and the best wife to Van. All in the same time that we're moving and my husband has to be studying, he has to be an airman, super dad, super husband, and just a super hero, and it break my heart I can't help take just a lil of the stress off him. I'm his wife and I'm supposed to do that. Thank you all for the prayers we still need them. I still need the uplifting words, to keep the tears out my eyes. Because I know God has this and that he will not give me more than I can bare. I just know that I have not been poked with more needles in my lifetime, than I have in this short 19 wks. Thank you again, God Bless you all and your families.

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  1. Hi Stewart family;

    Scriptures for the day...

    Philippians 4: 6-8.

    Love you- Auntie.