Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Kicks

At Wed apt, the dr. told me that movement at this stage wouldn't be consistent. Vayden's space has been compromised due to the lack of fluid. I should just about be able to follow a kick pattern, that is if this were a normal pregnancy. Most days I get to feel Vayden's movement once a day in the very early morning. Yesterday was the best yet, as I lifted my shirt to watch my belly dance. Vayden was bobbing his head, and moving around, I wonder if he went back into the breech position? Either way the dr. said he they wont section me unless my life is at high risk, one less thing to worry about I guess. But feeling those movements are the best thing. I cherish it every morning, and I cry because once is just not enough.

I'm number 3 on the list. What does that mean you ask? Well in my search to find out what the heck this all is, I've found 2 other wonderful women going through the same thing I am, and i'm number 3 to deliver. In fact one will be scheduled to give birth in just a few more weeks. All 3 of us have no idea what our baby's outcomes are going to be, and the fact that i'm number 3 is unsettling. I have no idea why.

I've spoken with my midwife about being induced and we're searching for a date sometime during the end of May or the very 1st week of June. Sometime in April we'll sit down with the midwife, the comfort care people, and a neonate pediatrician to write out a birth plan. WOW, then it will all become even more real than it already has been........... My other son is almost 2 yrs old, I realize how fast time goes but if only I could slow the clock down now.


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  1. Baby girl, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the movements of Vayden, he is Grammie's little angel and very special to my heart. Be comforted in being #3 at least you get to see what may be, my prayers are for #1 as she goes in blind. I also pray for #2 and you as you two will have more info, knowledge, and prep time. I admire your strength and the love you have for your children is inspirational. Continue to believe that all things will work together for good, even if we don't understand it all. Thank you for letting us get to know Vayden through your eyes. Love Ya, Mom