Sunday, May 31, 2009

Remembering Vayden ~ Memorial Service

Yesterday marked one week without my baby Vayden. It was also the day we celebrated his life and hosted his memorial service. The service was held at Bill Eisenhour Funeral Home, in Del City, OK and officiated by Pastor P.S. Hagger of New Testament Christian Church of Del City. The Service was only about an hour long but was so meaningful. I feel we honored Vayden greatly, his unique name will allow him to stand out, his story will continue to touch the hearts of many and the love that everyone has for him will be everlasting. I read the poem "A pair of shoes" my husband and all the other military members that attended, stood up all dressed in their AF blues and sang the "Air Force Song" that Van sang to both Vayden and Vashon. As a tribute to Vayden, my husband, mother and dear friend Sheena read special remarks about Vayden our family and my strength in carrying to term. The slide show I provided was played, which brought on a lil tears but also brought laughter. The service although sad had it's moments where the guest laughed as we brought light to this situation.
Pastor Hagger was amazing, I had only met this man two days prior, but he spoke so wonderfully. All I said to him was please don't talk about "why me". I wanted the guest to leave the service; hug their husbands, wives and run fast to go pick up their kids. I did not want them to leave thinking "what kind of God do we have that would take a baby". That is exactly what he did as his message spoke about "Appointments" it touched me personally because, he spoke about how we prepare for so many appointments in the world, but how we rarely prepare for our appointment to meet the Lord. It was comforting to know that although I was praying and praying for a different outcome for Vayden, I also prepared myself for his appointment, I enjoyed my time with him, I gave him so much love, hugs and kisses, I found out character traits about him while still in the womb, told him about his family. When the time came to finally meet him, we did the same as we prepared for his appointment. Showing him nothing but pure 100% true love, if you have to go you couldn't go in a better way than that.

The funeral home was so kind and great, the directors were very pleasant I was am very happy that we chose them, to celebrate Vayden's life with us, they even came to us after the service and told us that they don't get many babies, when they do they are always a lil sadder, but Vayden's service was the best they've seen by far. Talk about putting a smile on face.

I have no regrets about the service and thank everyone who helped me and my family put this thing together in only 1 week. I now know why I never had a formal wedding, party planning is hard. lol

We've received and are so thankful for all the flowers, but we'd also like to offer as an alternative. Consider making a donation to the following non profit organizations that have been extremely helpful in Vayden's name:

Now I lay Me Down To Sleep – Infant bereavement photography

The Fetal hope foundation - to help spread the word about rare fetal conditions like LUTO.

String Of Pearls – provides a nurturing and safe place for families as they navigate the path following a fatal prenatal diagnosis that will result in the death of their baby prior to, or shortly after birth.

Sufficient Grace Women’s Ministries – Provides, comfort packages to families in time of loss, along with great support.


  1. It sounds amazing.
    Like just what your entire family needed.

    And what a way to honor Vayden!


  2. What a wonderful memory you have. I am grateful that all went so well fo ryou. I have prayed for you and your sweet family. I hope that as the days go by you can keep the light of Christ in your countenance and carry on as your son would want. Many blessings,

  3. The service sounds so beautiful. I hope that those who attended where touched and will always remember that day. You picked some great organizations!! Thinking and praying for you still...

  4. I'm so many were touched by the beautiful service for are so loved and he will never be forgotten.

    I think of you often and will continue to pray for you