Friday, May 15, 2009

Maternity Photo Shoot

When I was 31 weeks, I was offered a courtesy photo shoot, from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep They do remembrance photography for the unfortunate families that have to deal with the hurt and pain of loosing a child. The service is completely free and the photographers work on a volunteer only base, taking time out of their busy life and work schedules to be there for families in the most tragic times. Carrie LaFollette is the NILMDTS OKC Metro Area Coordinator, I contacted her after finding out that Vayden's kidneys had failed. She opened her arms, heart and ears to me within mins of reading my email, never once did she treat me like a job, she spoke to me like a friend. Carrie is fighting colon cancer, I would like everyone who prays for Vayden to please also pray for her in this battle, she is a true walking angel . From Carrie I met Christy Walker Goodger of Goodger Photography, in OKC . Christy is a very very talented photographer and a volunteer for NILMDTS, when she met with us we talked for a while and she was so warm and welcoming, she also did not treat me like a job, she treated me like a friend. I feel in love with her mins into the session and I wish I could take her home and keep her. I never once thought the pictures may not look good, and as you can see below they are perfect. Christy's son Ryan just joined the USAF "Go Blue" so while you're praying for everyone else, please pray that he does well and that the family doesn't miss him too much. Christy is also a walking angel.
Here are the photos done by Christy Goodger, thank you so much - The Stewart Family

Please consider supporting the mission of NILMDTS
* it can be done in Vayden's name


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I love NILMDTS. Their photographers are so caring, and they provide such an amazing service.

  2. These are incredible pictures Stephanee! So beautiful! They made me cry! I am glad you found such a wonderful photographer to work with!
    (((((Big Hug))))) Kristin

  3. So beautiful...breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these with us, Stephanie.

    Love and Prayers for you...

  4. These are so beautiful. What a wonderful thing to have done.

  5. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. She did a wonderful job!! NILMDTS is a wonderful organization. I had a NILMDTS photographer do my maternity photos and ones at the hospital after Carleigh was born. I'm so glad that they exist to help out families.

  6. Wow is all I can say. Beautiful memories!

  7. These pictures are so beautiful! They are perfect! I'm so happy you were able to have this done. By the way, I clicked on the pictures so I could get a better view, and the one with you holding the cross over your belly, well I got a closer look at your wedding ring, and guess what? We have the EXACT same wedding ring! I just thought that was kinda funny. =)

  8. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Your maternity pictures are amazing!!!!! You have such an inspiring attitude throughout this. I admire you sweetie! Im just a blog away ( please know I am here for you...

    God Bless...

    Love-Hugs and Prayers