Sunday, January 23, 2011

My We've Come So Far

20 months without you sweet Vayden, I can't believe it's been almost 2yrs. I look at myself, my life, and my marriage and I see how so much has changed. I am a different person, I am still far from perfect but I am better. I have grown up since losing you. It's amazing to see the person I was compared to the person I am today. I thank you for it all, even my crazy germaphobe, and untrustworthy ways. Sure now days almost no one is allowed to babysit your brothers but I guess because of you I'm more aware.

I miss you everyday and wish you were here to join your brothers, I get to tell your story so much more now because people often ask if I want to try a "third" time for a girl. I reply "no this is my third" and then your story is told. You will continue to touch the hearts of so many people. But your family you will live in our hearts forever.

I love you so much Vayden

Happy 20th Heavenly Month baby boy.


  1. Keep on telling that sweet story, Stephanie! I'm so proud of you - people need to hear about our Very Own Angels. Sending love & hugs....

  2. I have read your entire blog since the birth of your Angel baby- I never ever imagined losing a child would be so painful, but I experienced it myself on January 15, 2011 (my birthday as well) I was only 18 weeks pregnant but already in love with my lil skooter- my son had a NTD and would have ever survived, God put things into motion by my water breaking on 1/13/11 and then going into labor on 1/14/11, my doctor sent me to OU Med Center knowing that I would have to deliver my lifeless little baby. We had a wonderful nurse Lori, who I consider an angel here on earth. She took such care of our angel Derek Layne an helped us through this horrible moment. She gave me my angel bear and I must say he is very tear soaked but such a blessing to have a hold. You are an inspiration and I will keep your family in my prayers and know that our Angels are watching over us each and every day. Bless you and your family of 5!

  3. You are an inspiration, Stephanie! love you!