Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brother Bear

I've posted about this bear many times he is also been referred to as "cuddle brother" Vashon now calls him "brother bear". This gift from Kelly with Sufficient Grace Women's Ministries is the best thing for Vashon that was meant for me. Vashon is all boy and never wanted anything to do with stuff animals and still could care less about any new ones that come into the house. However Brother Bear is the one thing Vashon always seems to need. I've watched Vashon love on him, wrestle with him and even discipline him like a big brother would. Brother Bear is with Vashon often and has become a huge part of our family. Needless to say Brother Bear being a 3 yr olds best friend goes through just as much as a normal 3 yr old boy would go through. The cream colored bear turned gray with spots of crayon and spaghetti sauce. I have been so afraid to wash him because even though I know I could always ask Kelly for a new one, I think Vashon would know and deep down inside we would know also that the new brother bear was not the same bear that laid with Vayden the day he was born.

I knew I was supposed to wash him with a mild soap but every time I went to the store I was afraid that my choice would ruin him. Last night we had the family bed, while Vashon's leg was over my head and brother bears arm was in my face I realized that he smelled like syrup. hmmm Did Vashon try to feed him waffles? I looked at him and thought "what has he done to you sweet bear" then I thought how I wanted to wash him right that moment. I looked over at the picture of Vayden on my dresser and thought of the noodle and boo baby wash that we bathed Vayden with on his birthday. I got up to find the slightly used bottled that was just going to sit there and took brother bear into the bathroom to give him a much needed bath. It was supposed to be a mom cleaning her child's teddy bear but instead it was like giving Vayden another bath. The strong special scent hit my senses and took me back to the day Vayden was born, the bear smelled as sweet as Vayden did as I carefully cleaned him making sure the softness of the cotton stayed the same. When I was done I took him down stairs and placed him in a clean pillow case put him in the dryer on a very low cycle.
When Brother Bear came out he was cream colored again and smelled just like Vayden did the day he was born. Cleaning him was a good idea but using the infant wash to clean him was even better, Vashon still loves his brother bear and now I have a hard time sharing him because of his amazing new scent.

I just can't thank you enough Kelly

A newly cleaned brother bear, and when I say this bear was gray, I mean this bear was gray


  1. Such a sweet story - I'm thankful he washed up well.Kelly sent me a bear, too. I get it and hug it sometimes - it is comforting, even to an adult. God bless you, Stephanie.

  2. i also got a bear from Kelly, he now sits by my jordans shadow box/urn.
    its such an amazing thing she does for us

  3. This was the sweetest post...truly, you just blessed my heart, Stephanie...I am writing through tears. So thankful that Vashon has found some comfort in his "cuddle brother". Knowing that would bless my mother, too...since the bears were her idea. I'm sure she is smiling from heaven!

    Grateful that the others have been comforted, even if in a small way, with their Comfort Bears, too...

    Love to you...

  4. I think it is just so sweet how Vashon loves his bear. That is such a good idea to wash him with the same wash that Vayden used. I've washed my bear but I've stuck it in the washer. I should really try handwashing it. I think it would be better and get my bear cleaner.

  5. Awww that's so sweet Steph... i'm glad u didn't ruin his brother bear and that washing him brought warmth and comfort to ur heart *hugs* and im totally getting emotional right now dang it! lol

  6. I found your blog through SGM. My son also loves his bear- ours is called "Bea Bear", after my daughter Beatrix, who passed last December. What a special gift!