Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Vayden,

Dear Vayden,

Today marks your 10th month in Heaven, how are you doing up there? We miss you so much, and you are always on my mind. This month has been exciting for all of us. Vashon your older brother is 100% potty trained and he's growing up so fast. I'm excited for the day when I get to sit him down and tell him all about his baby brother Vayden, yet I'm also fearful that at such a young age the understanding of death with throw him into a fearful state of mind about life. We will find the perfect way to explain your story to him so that at his age he understands. Thank you for taking care of your Grampie, he's doing better now and he was the first person in the family to have a dream about you. I must say I'm kind of jealous, he was able to see you walk before I did. I'll wait for my turn to see you in my dreams, and I hope it's a long one. Your Grammie or as Vashon now calls her Nanny thinks of you all the time, and the bitter sweetness of Vashon growing up so fast makes her miss seeing you grow up the same.

Mommy and Daddy finally took a break from life and went on a 7 day cruise. Vayden we had so much fun and it was a much needed break. I just cant bite my tongue when it comes to my babies, and I was able to tell people about you and your brother. Mommy and Daddy are also ready to have another baby, please know that you will never be forgotten or left out. I figure each of my children will have a unique pregnancy so since we knew what Vashon was at 13 wks and the pregnancy with you we knew everything and more than we next baby I plan to go straight old school and know nothing. This will allow me to focus on what truly matters "a healthy baby" .
Happy 10th month in Heaven sweet angel baby, not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
Love always, Mommy
*Picture above - vayden's name written in the sands of a beautiful beach in Cabo San Lucas, MX*
(This post is being published 1 day before Vayden's heavenly marker because I am on the road driving back to OKC)


  1. Feeling nothing but love and joy for all of you.

    Carrie LaFollette

  2. Although I don't post often anywhere, I think of you often Stephanie.

  3. Stephanie--A beautiful letter to your sweet baby boy. I miss mine exactly the same way. You are such a beautiful person with a wonderful family. So happy to hear about your trip, glad you found the time (MADE the time) to get away. I know how very much that is needed, we need it, too. Happy 10 months, sweet Vayden. & way-to-go big brother on the PT--a big milestone!

  4. Happy 10 months in Heaven, Vayden.

  5. Stephanie, I am so happy you had a nice break. You deserved it!And you are ready for another baby - great news!Sweet Vayden will be a big brother! Take care, and as always, I am remembering Vayden with you. Please hug little Vashon for me.
    Blessings, Sarita

  6. Wishing Vayden a beautiful 10 months in Heaven.

    I love his name in the sand!

    You deserve a break and I'm glad you got that! A cruise sounds wonderful!! Will be sending you prayers! Vayden knows he will always have a special place in your family!