Friday, December 24, 2010

Vayden - The Shining Star

- Vayden I'm sorry I didn't get this post up on the 23rd, your baby brother seems to have a case of colic and I had to make a choice with the little time I do get, to sleep or blog. Sleep won.

Vayden you have been busy, seems like even with your baby brothers long awaited appearance you still found a way to steal a little of his shine. I'm so very proud of you, here we are 19 months past losing you and the media is still paying attention to something that is often overlooked. In OKC you are famous. I imagine that in a few years your name will be on the top baby names list, because all I ever hear is how much people love the name Vayden.

So to the readers, I've done another news segment this time with KOCO 5 News in OKC, this is the story of hope after a loss .You can click on the photo below to see the news segment.

I also did a local article for the on base newspaper the Tinker Take Off. You can click the photo below to view that article.

I am also doing a follow up newspaper article for the local newspaper here in OKC which is supposed to run on Christmas day. This is going to be a follow up from my interview back in Oct 2009. Once that runs I will create a post that highlights every interview that has been done.

Vayden I know you play with your baby brother often because when he sleeps he smiles so much. I look at him and I'm often jealous because I know that he knows you, even more than I do. It's so nice to have an angel watching over you, but even better when your angel is family.

We love you and miss you.


  1. Beautiful post.
    Remembering Vayden this holiday season.

  2. Beautiful post and inspiring story that you shared! Thank you for continuing to give back and show love to others struggling with loss, you are such an inspiration!

  3. Stephanie, I love how much you are doing in the media. Before you know it, Vayden will be on the top baby name list!!