Thursday, September 23, 2010

16 Months in Heaven

Time keeps passing and I often worry how long will I be able to keep Vayden's memory alive. I know he's always in my heart and always on my mind, but without those growing milestones. How will Vayden's memory stay fresh in the hearts and minds of all the people that love him?

I love my angel mommy blog friends, we all help each other by sharing ideas and memory keepsakes of our angels.

I got the idea to get a stamp of Vayden's footprint made from Holly, who used a stamp of her angel's hand print on one of her maternity pictures. That alone was an amazing idea, and it just got me thinking about all the many other ways I could use Vayden's footprint stamp.

I ordered this custom made stamp from it was very easy, the price was great and they were fast to deliver it. I measured the print that I scanned of his actual footprint and asked them to make the stamp the same size. I love the detail that is in the stamp, so exact to his actual footprint. I plan to order another one in a smaller size which will be used when we sign our names in cards and what not. Receiving this stamp gave our family a new way to keep Vayden's memory alive. We miss him so much.

Happy 16th month in Heaven sweet baby. We love you


  1. Happy 16 months in Heaven Vayden !!! <3

    Love you Steph !! Lots of {{HUGS}} Always thinking of you so much !!


  2. What a beautiful idea. I am totally going to try this. Just need to find a scanner.

  3. I'm so glad that you got a stamp of his foot!! Love it!!! And I know you do too!

    Happy 16 months Vayden!!

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  5. Stephanie- this is a beautiful blog. We just lost our son- Cullen- our 4th child on September 11, 2010. Still trying to figure out how to breathe....
    You can read my story here:
    Thank you so much for the stamp idea- I am going to order one right away as Cullen's name will be signed on every family card I ever write. Many thanks- Leslie

  6. Just wanted to let you know I selected you for The Lovely Blog award; you can read about it at my blog and forward it on. Your words have offered me comfort on many occasions and your thoughtfulness is amazing. You sent me one of your MVOA shirts that I deeply treasure.