Wednesday, June 23, 2010

May 23,2010

You don't have to tell me how late I am on these pictures I don't know why I couldn't just log on and post the pics from Vayden's actually birthday May 23,2010.

Many people expected us to go all out for Vayden's first birthday, at first I had every intention to, but then I thought about it and decided to do something small, with just the family, so that we could create a tradition that was easy to do every year.

In the previous post you know that Vayden actually gets two days to be remembered, so the majority of our celebration was done on the 22nd, however we did go to Lake Hefner Park, in OK to release balloons for Vayden.

This is a picture of Vashon with his lil brother. His shirt says "My little brother is an angel in Heaven"

Here is a picture of Van and his boys

Ready to go to the park, you know brother bear goes everywhere with us.

We release 4 balloons. 3 blue, 1 for each hour and the white balloon represented the 45 min.

Each Balloon had a special note tied to it for Vayden to read

Me, Vashon and Brother Bear

My mom all the way in Ca remembering Vayden on his birthday

My Dad in Ca, also releasing a balloon for Vayden

This was Vayden's special cake.

Overall his birthday went well, it wasn't as emotional as the day before and there was a sense of calm that I had over me.


  1. What a beautiful celebration you had for him.

  2. How beautiful! You reminded me that I STILL have to finish posting about Wyatt's birthday myself. I am so behind on EVERYTHING! I promise I haven't forgotten about sending your gift either... I just have to make it to the post office. Oh Boy, I wish life would just slow down for two seconds!

    I loved brother bear all buckled up! And the cake was perfect!

  3. Happy (late) birthday sweet boy. Your celebration was beautiful, Stephanie. You have a beautiful family and a precious angel in heaven.

  4. Simply beautiful & touching.

  5. I think you celebrated perfectly!! :) I just love his cake! It's beautiful!!

  6. What a cute cake...and such a special celebration! I love brother bear in the car...and in Vashon's arms! Love to you...

  7. Everything looked so beautiful. The cake was awesome.


  8. Great pictures. The cake looks so cute. (((hugs)))