Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who Would You Be?

Dear sweet Vayden,
               I often ask myself “What would he be like?” your brothers are so different, Vashon he’s loving and tender, he worries about things, he’s cautious and forgiving. Varen he’s wild, he’s loud, crazy, he’s funny, and fearless. You would be the middle child, so I imagine that you would be easy going, with moderate energy and non confrontational.

Yesterday on our way to Chili’s for our annual Vayden dinner, your brothers and I talked about you, and we imagined things like how the room would be set up and where each of you would sit in the car. Vashon came up with a great sleeping arrangement plan…..There would be bunk beds and one single bed, and each night you boys would rotate from bed to bed, so everyone got a chance to sleep on the top bunk, bottom bunk and single bed. Varen agreed. I sometimes get these bitter moment when thinking about the 3 of you, having 2 boys is awesome but to have 3 on earth would be amazing.

I know you are happy in Heaven and I know you and Grampie are watching over us, but I also hope you know that I still miss you every day.
Happy 8th Heavenly Birthday sweet Vayden, 8 years old, yet you will always be my baby.


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