Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Honor to Vayden and a Wonderful Non Profit

In late July, a local news station contacted me requesting I do a story about Vayden and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. I LOVE the organization and everything they do and I was ready to help them in their quest to spread the word about infant loss and support the cause to give families lasting memories during such a tragic time.

The news segment aired today and they did a wonderful job and I am very pleased. I'm so happy that Vayden's memory lives on even 1 year later. Thank you to the staff at FOX News 25 and above all thank you to all the volunteers of NILMDTS.

(You can view the news segment by clicking the photo of Van, myself and Vayden or the hyperlink above that says FOX News 25 )


  1. Stephanie,
    Just watched the news clip. You are just so strong. It's amazing how quickly the tears come when ever I read/watch something you have done. You are AMAZING....

    Mom to Angel Jody Michael Terian

  2. Stephanie, I was watching channel 25 when I saw a quick picture of you and excitedly looked at my husband. I know her, I read her blog. You did an awesome job. I excitedly told him you were expecting a baby again. I wish you all the best. Take care.

    Tecumseh, OK

  3. How beautiful and such a strong lady and family. I keep you close to my heart always.


  4. How wonderful!! I was able to be part of a newspaper article for NILMDTS. It comes out Sept 10. I felt it was an honor as well!

  5. Absolutely fabulous. You rock.